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AWRC/RCA offer a variety of educational opportunities. Beginner obedience classes teach your puppy or young dog commands such as heel, sit, come, how to be a good family member and the fundamentals of the sport of field trials and hunt tests. The transition class teaches your dog more specifics and advanced work preparing your dog and refining their skills to compete in Derby and Qualifying field trials, and Junior and Senior hunt test stakes. AWRC/RCA also sponsor educational seminars with Pro trainers from various areas of the United States.



AWRC/RCA is proud of their members, several of whom have proudly represented Alaska on the National level at the National Amateur and National Open retriever championships. AWRC/RCA has several members with ample knowledge of how to train your dog to compete on a national level. Careful, this game is addicting! AWRC/RCA sponsors judges from around the nation to travel to Alaska to judge our events. Judges outside the state offer a fresh perspective on our trialing grounds, how to set up tests, bird placement and tips and tricks of the games.

For rules and procedures, visit:


Bruce Moore’s

Pop’s Ebony Angel, MH “Ebby”

Waterloo Master Hunt Test

Manheim, Texas, March 2011

Hunt tests are AKC sanctioned and licensed events. Hunt tests judge a dog against a determined standard. AWRC sponsors hunt tests to members get the opportunity to be judged whether the member and the dog work well as a hunting team. The stakes are Junior, Senior and Master, you could add an AKC official title to your dog’s pedigree. For some, this is not about the title but rather the journey of learning to work together as a team, hunter and retriever. Hunt tests simulate real hunting situations, what a better way to “hunt” in the off season, to gear up for opening day.

For further rules, and standards please visit:
www.akc .org/pdfs/rulebooks/RHTRET.pdf

Check out the AKC Code of Sportsmanship before coming out to our events or trainings.


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