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Retriever Club of Alaska!

The RCA was formed in 1987:

  • to further the advancement of the retriever breeds
  • to further the conservation of wildlife, in particular upland game birds and waterfowl
  • to protect and advance the interests of the retrieving breeds by encouraging sportsmanlike conduct and competition at field and retrieving trials
  • to conduct informal and licensed trials under the rules of the American Kennel Club and other retrieving events.
  • to conduct its affairs in accordance with the principals set forth in the articles of the Retriever Club of Alaska.
  • to further educate the members and interested parties, regarding the training and abilities of the retriever breeds.


Join RCA and begin a new relationship
with your retriever.

Membership dues support our many events through sponsoring National judges, field training equipment, and setting up events. As a member you will enjoy the benefits of tying into a network of field trial, hunt test, and hunting enthusiasts who love working with the sporting dog breed. AWRC offers up to date information on what is happening in the world of retrievers in Alaska.

Join the Clubs: Membership Application

To apply for any vacant board position, email info@alaskaworkingretrieverclub.com

Your 2018 Joint RCA Board

2017 Outgoing President Mike Black           Mike.duckshack22@gmail.com
2018 Incoming PresidentHarry Strahle      strahle@gci.net
Vice President-Field Trials Eloy Garcia           eloy@mtaonline.net
Vice President-Hunt Tests
Pete Probasco        peprob@mtaonline.net
TreasurerMary Maxwell      dedeye.0529@gmail.com
SecretaryGwen Haynes        gwenalaska907@hotmail.com
Member at LargeLorraine Maroney  Lorraine.Maroney@alyeska-pipeline.com
Member at LargeDan Oyster             danoyster1@gmail.com
Member at LargeJohn Drennan         jdrennan@mtaonline.net
Member at Large Gwen Haynes         gwenalaska907@hotmail.com
Member at Large JoAnne Hanscom    skyelab90@gci.net
Outreach Engineer (email communication and website) Betsy McCracken    browndogs@gci..net



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